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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  July 28, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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at 11:00, your afterlife online. new memorial in the information age how bay area families are taking high tech into the great beyond. the bay area man with the secret to atms to give it up. >> you haven't tripled your water use, have you? >> month way. >> but her water bay tripled overnight. her tale and warning for others. good evening, i'm lisa kim.
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>> i'm jessica aguirre. a san leandro woman is feeling under water after seeing her bill triple. it skyrocketed after a new meter was installed. she may not be alone. a draining situation. >> the last bill i got was $164. and the one before that was $118. very fraus traited. >> reporter: frustrated because pary says her water bill tripled. >> at my age, i don't need this. >> reporter: she says she hasn't changed a single habit. but on paper her water use has skyrocketed from 300 gallons to 900 a day. >> they checked everything in the house over and over. >> reporter: she thinks it's the new meter that was installed. her granddaughter e-mailed us from washington to say the family has conducted multiple tests and the found the meter moving even when no water was being used. >> he tells me it can't possibly
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be the meter because it's a new meter. and they don't have trouble with their meters. >> reporter: well, we called east bay m.u.d. the agency denied our request for an interview, but it did say it plans to send someone out to check on her meter. the problem is, marie says they've already done that. three times. >> every time they tell me the meter's okay. >> i know we're using more than marie's using. it just seems her bill is twice, sometimes 2 1/2 times what ours is. >> reporter: don has lived next door for 18 years and still has an old meter. >> he's getting overcharged for water she's not using. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: at 93 and on a fixed income, marie says she just wants someone to replace her meter or tell her why she's paying three times what she used to. >> i just want to get it settled to my mind is at peace. >> reporter: charles hardy tells us the agency has not received many calls regarding the new
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versus old meters. he says another technician will be out to marie's house soon and that the agency will issue a refund if they find a problem on their end. we will follow up and let you know what happens. vicky nguyen, bay area news. so how's your meter? we got the story from one of our viewers and we want to hear your story. e-mail us at a military plane crash in anchorage. the smoke is coming from the accident scene at the air force base. this is first video of the c-17. witnesses say the plane became a fireball sending smoke billowing when it overshot the runway and hit the ground. it's not known how many people were on board. we'll update the story when we get new information. not so fast. a federal judge stepped into the fight over arizona's controversial immigration law just hours before it went into effect. the move prompted scenes like this one this downtown phoenix.
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protesters unfurled a giant banner high above traffic. demonstrations could have turned into a volatile confrontation between police and activists there and across the country, but the judge blocked the heart of law from taking effect. the ruling is just beginning but a lengthy court battle could end up at the supreme court. kevin kennedy from our nbc station in phoenix has reaction to an emotional day. >> reporter: an emotional and exciting life-changing day for many at the capitol. 30 of them set to leave arizona will now be staying. >> my family was separated and they were leaving for other states because they were afraid of the law. >> reporter: it's the story that we found time after time. fidel and his family also set to move. >> me and my wife might be going to texas with the police and everything. >> reporter: the district court ruling giving many protesters
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hope. santos is a sophomore at cesar chavez and knows many illegal immigrants. >> for me, it's a victory. you're thanking god for what he did. yeah, i mean, i think it's a victory. >> reporter: a judicial win in a political game that affects thousands of people. >> it also affects many people here in the bay area. in fact, in san francisco, hundreds of protesters rallied outside the federal building to voice their own concerns over the arizona law. and activists say they'll do whatever it takes in the coming days to get lawmakers' attention. the question is how far will they go? how far will they have to go? nbc bay area's jean elie follows the story and joins us live from san francisco. jean? >> reporter: jessica, morallies are planned for tomorrow. i'm told more arrests could happen. organizers say undocumented immigrants and legal citizens are standing side by side hoping to force change. a loud but peaceful protest
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outside the federal building in san francisco turns into an act of civil disobedience. protesters spill into seventh street, ignoring police orders to stay on the sidewalk. federal and san francisco police officers arrested 19 people for disobeying a police order and blocking the streets. >> for my brother and sister are having a mighty hard time because of these unjust laws. >> reporter: police cited and released protesters. richard smith said he had to act because current immigration laws have people living in fear. >> the fear of having their families torn apart, losing coworkers, losing friends. this has left a big hole in many families and many friendships. >> reporter: about 100 people rallied outside nancy pelosi's office before the arrests urging her to leave the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. they say it's an issue that
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affects everyone. >> we all know people who are undocumented. and so we have these basic human connections. it's just a matter of friendship and the human heart and a concern to do what's right. >> reporter: this rally was planned weeks ago. organizers say they were standing up against arizona's immigration law scheduled to go into effect at midnight. a federal judge put a stop to its implementation. protesters say while it's a relief, the arizona law is a result of inaction in washington, d.c. and they are ready to fight for action. several protesters who are arrested say they have a court date scheduled for august. as for the day of action, the first rally is scheduled to begin here in front of the state building in san francisco at 11:00 tomorrow morning. police will be standing by. reporting live in san francisco, jean elie, nbc bay area news. that's not the only rally happening tomorrow. in oakland protesters will be outside the federal building at
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noon. san jose has a rally, too, set for the corner of story and king at 6:00. and as you mentioned, two demonstrations slated for san francisco, one at 11:00, the other at 24th and mission at 5:5: 5:30. new tonight, we now know the price tag for last week's dueling mehserle rallies outside the walnut creek courthouse. taxpayers are footing a $60,000 bill that covered mostly police labor costs. 146 officers were called to the scene on july 19th demonstration. although protesters heeded there was no violence and no arrests. that rally drew more than 300 protesters and demonstrators throughout the region. police say they are not planning to pass part of that bill off to organizers. just when state workers thought it was safe to show up to work on fridays, the government ordered more furloughs today. the order calls for three furlough days a month starting in august until there's a new state budget. state employees just got out
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from under furloughs earlier this month after taking forced days off for the last year and a half. the new furloughs affect 156,000 of the state's 237,000 workers. two public agencies, though, cal fire and the chp are exempt from the furloughs. also exempt, 37,000 workers and 6 unions that reach labor agreements with the administration. the governor says the mandated days off will save the general fund a crucial $80 million but workers say it's unfair. >> because the legislature has failed to produce a budget, we're going to run out of cash and not be able to pay the bills. >> it hurts me economically and financially. i honestly think that state workers have shared enough pain over the last several months with the furloughs that we've already been subjected to. >> reporter: the state controller is warning that if the budget is not in place by late august, the state may have to start issuing ious again. happening now, a tough fight on the fire lines in southern california. hundreds of firefighters did gain ground today against the most destructive two wildfires.
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the blaze destroyed almost 25 homes so far. and forced 2300 people to evacuate. another 1400-acre fire about ten miles south of there is now 25% contained. fire officials hope to have it fully contained by friday. >> it just goes right in, right outside your window. >> not a fan of facebook. some bay area residents tonight accusing the social media giant of snuffing a very friendly neighbor. and your afterlife online. the new memorial for the information age. a bay area families are taking tech into the great beyond. he's done what we all wish we could do. how one man says he can get atms to spit out all that cash, no card necessary. and then turning pages and turning heads at the same time. it's the next generation of e-reader that's giving the ipad a run for its money. we'll take a look at amazon's new kindle. good evening. we may be below average, but it
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sure has been pretty sweet outside. wead 75 in san jose and 64 in san francisco. we'll let you know when we'll turn up the heat in just a bit coming up in our seven-day forecast.
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another enticing get to get you into the world of digital books tonight. a new e-reader made its debut. our scott budman has the first look at the latest kindle. >> reporter: as if the early kindles and ipads weren't enough to lure you into the world of digital readers, amazon is announcing a new version of its hot-selling e-reader. it's a new version of what amazon has been selling. the company says it's smaller, lighter and faster than previous kindles. the biggest thing people will likely be talking about over the next few days, built-in wi-fi. so you can download books over wi-fi. in fact, the wi-fi only version in a page from the ipad digital book is the cheaper model, selling for $139. the new version with wi-fi plus the amazon sync is $189. you can start ordering now. the new kindle starts shipping in august.
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this all comes as amazon set a milestone recently selling more e-books on its website than hardback books. scott budman, nbc bay area news. it doesn't take a hammer or a crowbar just a computer to steal money from an atm. a hacker spent two years tinkering with atms he bought online until he figured out the code that got them to spit out cash. today he showed his discovery to a security conference in vegas. so far the code only works for standalone machines like the ones outside of gas stations. director of security research says he was also able to collect the information of people who used those atms. we've seen police on foot, horseback, even bikes. but, now scooter cops? san francisco pd is giving the electric scooters a two-week trial. officer richard lee says it takes $62 a deal to run a black-and-white cruiser. the stand-up scooters run to six to eight hours on 44 cents.
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lee says the vehicles are already used in airports and police departments in southern california. well, facing the inevitable. just last week, the social networking site facebook passed an incredible milestone, 500 million users. but our next story isn't about adding users. it's about losing them. nbc bay area's garvin thomas looks at the delicate subject of death on facebook. >> reporter: there is a way it has always been, the wake, the funeral, the burial and, well, that's really it. after that, final resting spot tend to be pretty lonely places. ♪ times, of course, they do change. and seeing how facebook has changed the way so many of us live, no wonder it is changing hs. astle how we remember those who have died.
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a search for the letters r-i-p yield more than 23,000 pages. >> he was a really sweetd. kid. >> reporter: one of them is for crystal's cousin, eric, killed at the all-too-young age of 18. she has yet to visit his grave site but regularly stops by his facebook memorial page, sharing her thoughts and being comforted by the messages of others. it's a kind of memorial that frankly wasn't possible a few years ago that now just seems natural. >> i don't know. i don't know how to explain it. it's like he's there. you know, he understands. >> it's sort of like mortality. >> reporter: julie kramer is an author who has written about the ghosts of facebook. >> january is actually the snowiest month here, but -- >> reporter: she was introduced to the idea when her former coworker, darcy pollen, died. pollen was a local television reporter in minneapolis, minnesota, and upon her death earlier this year, her profile instantly filled with messages,
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stories and prayers. >> you know, facebook takes a lot of criticism for privacy issues. but i think that this is a case where it is changing the way we read. >> reporter: still, facebook does receive criticism. in some cases for not knowing when users have died, then prompting friends to reconnect with them. then there's what to do with the profile. some family and friends want them to stay. others, though, find them too painful to see. so facebook has come up with a way to memorialize a page. stripping private information but still leaving a place for friends and family to gather. >> reporter: it is the best way facebook says they have come up with to deal with the subject of death. and delicate online, it turns out, as it is in real life. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> facebook says it's up to other users to let them know when someone has died.
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there are instructions on facebook's help center page. there's no peace and quiet for neighbors who live near facebook headquarters in palo alto. many neighbors across the street on california avenue to the north jolted out of bed every morning. facebook started that shuttle service to cut down on the number of employees clogging the neighborhood streets with their cars. the neighbors say the buses are running nonstop every five minutes from 6:00 in the morning until midnight. >> it's the screeching -- you just heard it. i mean, it's a screeching very high-pitched braking. and then hydraulic sound. >> facebook shuttles employees from as far away from san francisco to its headquarters. neighbors say the company is working with them to cut down aall of that noise. >> i thought they got to work on scooters or something, you know? >> exactly. all right, jeff. nice temperature outside. even if it's not our normal. it's still good enough.
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>> yeah, yeah. really plecasant and enjoyable. we even had an 82-degree reading in fairfield. but as jessica alluded to, many spots below our averages with lots of 70s today. 77 in gilroy. 75 in san jose. 71 in fremont. 77 in concord. up towards the north bay, plenty of low 70s there as well. now, currently, a lot of these temperatures are somewhat uniform from the coastline to our inland spots. that's because the fog is able to move all the way into our inland locations into low clouds with this cooler air in place. so that's why we're not seeing really any big sfadisparities. fog back again for tomorrow. the strongest at the coastline where we'll see the chance here of drizzle. but for thursday, we'll get in on slight warming. a few more 80s popping as we head throughout thursday's forecast. but still look at this. we're expecting this mild trend to last right into august. so let's take a look at the
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satellite loop. this is the first layer we always look at. you can already see a few anomalies here. look at this. several areas of cloud cover sitting well out into the pacific. all of this this time of the year should be ridging well to the north. we've got cooler air associated with this cloud cover that's sitting well out into the pacific. that's combining in with this lower level cooling wind that produces the fog at the coastline. it's that one, two combination. we've been talking about for days now that's helping keep temperatures below average. so for tomorrow, a few 80s back into the mix for thursday. and for friday, again, nudging the temperatures just a few degrees. as for tomorrow morning, we'll see the lowest conditions here in santa rosa with 48. 49 in napa. 52 in gilroy and 54 in san jose. the warm spot will be the south bay from gilroy to morgan hill with low 80s and a few isolated mid-80s expected around the valley. otherwise 82 evergreen. 76 dublin. also mid to upper 70s near livermore. for the peninsula, 72 san mateo.
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74 redwood city. and here for the east bay hills, conditions near 80 degrees. you can see to our extreme inland spots, a few more 80s tomorrow than we have seen in the past several days. all right. more on this anytime on the weather channel on cable. and we turn it up slightly but not dramatically. it's feeling like fall, i guess you could say here across the bay area as we head throughout the next seven days. looks like the fog will stay along the coastline as well. >> thanks. cash for clunkers in your kitchen. tonight california's appliance rebate program expanded. those people are happy
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beat it. investigators looking into michael jackson's death have decided not to bring charges against seven doctors who treated the pop star. the doctors were the subject of a probe by the state bureau of narcotic enforcement. while one of the seven doctors has been reported to the california medical board for prescribing drugs to a jackson alias, no formal charges will be filed. the seven do not include jackson's personal doctor, conrad murray. murray, as you know, has pled not guilty to giving jackson a mix of sedatives including propofol that killed the singer. cash for clunkers may be over but cash for scientists got a new life line. the california energy commission approved an expansion of the rebate program. starting tomorrow, replacing your old dishwasher, freezer,
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water heater and air conditioner will come with cash incentives. rebates range from 50 bucks to freers for $1,000 for a central air system. for a complete list, visit that program, once again, starts tomorrow. how about cash for run? >> the giants would be raking it in right now. they've sure been fun to watch even if they've been giving you a heart attack. a nine-run explosion. thanks to torres, it was not a problem. and it is on in napa. today the raiders gathered for the start of another training camp. and this time they're talking playoffs and actually meaning it. sports is next.
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on the mound tonight was the giant sensation. >> on the mound. i guess i get lit up just as much as all the pitchers at at&t park. he was drafted because of his speed. but at the time andrus torres has no idea how to hit. the former track star started asking all of his teammates for tips and advice. right now it's his teammates who should be asking him. maybe not buster posey. not needing much help against the par lynns. he extended his hit streak to 21, one shy of the giants' rookie record. bottom six, giants turning this one into a blowout. one on for torres. that is way into mccovey cove. the splash hit, two-run bomb makes it 9-2 giants. how things change. top nine, 9-8. dan uggla to deep left center
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bounces into the stands, ground-rule double. a run scored. we have a tie ball game. bottom ten, 9-9. torres up. bases loaded. ball game. to the left center gap. aaron rowand easily scores. giants get the walkoff win, 10-9. they stay red hot. as for brian wilson, he blew the save and he lost money. the giants' closer was fined $1,000 for wearing his orange cleats in last night's game because according to the league, they are nonconforming. now, they were fine at the all-star game but the marlins did not agree. according to the league, only 50% can be orange. you see what he did. before today's game, wilson whipping out a black sharpie to color in half of his shoes. you can't complain about that. the bad news for the a's after last night's loss, they trailed the rangers by 8 1/2 games in the a.l. west. the good news, tonight they didn't have to face ace cliff lee. and the rangers, they had to
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face this guy. trevor cahill back to his all-star self setting up texas in eight solid innings out in arlington this evening. top six, no score. not any longer. kurt suzuki on a roll. playing long ball to left. solo home run. his 12th of the year. it's 1-0, a's. looked like that might be enough. but in the eighth, suzuki wanting a little more. one run is o singles to right. crisp scores. the a's g the win, 3-1, now 7 1/2 games back. and just as he feared, the diagnosis for ben sheets' ailing elbow is indeed the worst-case scenario. he has a torn flexor tendon that will require surgery ending his season. the elbow has bothered him for much of the year. it's a recurrence of the injury that sidelined him for all of the 2009 season. last year of training camp was not a picnic for tom cable. he was accused of physical assault, had to fine his starting quarterback for being overweight and lost his number one receiver to injury. in cable's mind, you can only go
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up, right? the head coach expects nothing less. his first order of business naming campbell the starting quarterback. he expects nothing but success from his new qb and the rest of the team. in fact, the raiders are brimming with confidence on the eve of their first full team orkthtouf camp. because they believe this season will, in fact, be different. >> i know we're going to be a good team. and i'm not afraid to say that. and we're going to go after the afc west. i'm not afraid to say that. i believe that's what we're going to do. it's not anybody -- if they picked somebody for it already, that's too bad. it doesn't work like that. you've got to play the games. still ahead, a wore yore is one step closer to the world championships and another is creating buzz around the world. find out where the heck jeremy is now.t
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well, he may not have won rookie of the year, but stephon curry beat him out. the usa roster trimmed to 15. evans is not. the final 12-man roster announced next month. and check out jeremy lynn. the newest warrior in taiwan, becoming an international sensation. he's playing in a charity basketball game with yao ming. the first taiwanese-american. prty >> fniksois jng utonight. >> bye-bye. us around sexy men. no >> actually jay, she i >> actually jay, she is talking >>


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